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Our Fresh Spice promise....

We keep low quantities of high grade spices to ensure only the freshest ingredients are being used in our preparations. When you place an order with us we grind and prepare it just for you.Our premium food grade packaging helps lock in that freshness so when they reach you and you open them they will zing with aromatic pungency.  

Many of the ingredients that we use are whole spices meaning that they retain their flavour longer than their ground counterparts. When your order arrives you will notice the consistency of the powder is chunkier and not as milled as you may be used to. Our blends are prepared to traditional recipes and techniques and therefore differ greatly from what you could expect at the supermarket. Aromatic, fresh, pungent powders that will transform your dishes. 


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Featured Spice Blends


Roast lamb, broad bean & pea curry

by Ben Ford July 18, 2018

Use up leftover meat from Sunday lunch in this very quick, dry curry.

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Our Favourite BBQ marinades, sauce and salsa recipes

by Ben Ford July 12, 2018

We could probably write a book filled with our favourite marinades and sauces for barbecuing, for now here are a handful of spice inspired goodies to get you grilling.

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Easy TING Slaw

by Ben Ford July 02, 2018

Bring some TING extraordinary to the BBQ or picnic with this cheeky little pimped up, tropically hot coleslaw.

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No Fuss Cauliflower & Cashew Curry Recipe

by Ben Ford June 27, 2018

A vegan friendly dish with a lovely bite and deeply exotic flavour.

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