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I keep low quantities of high grade spices that are freshly prepared specifically for you when you place an order. This ensures that I can maintain my vision of only supplying the freshest possible ingredients of the highest quality to all of my customers. 

Most of the ingredients used in the curry powders are whole spices meaning that they retain their flavour longer than their ground counterparts. When you order I grind these ingredients fresh, meaning they are far and away superior to what you could expect from the supermarket. Aromatic, fresh, pungent powders that will transform your dishes. 


Featured Spice Blends


Rice 5 ways - pimp your curry accompaniment

by Ben Ford October 19, 2017

If you are spending some time making an amazing curry dish don't let the rice side dish let you down. Here are 5 ways to make exceptional rice.

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Vietnamese Chicken Curry

by Ben Ford October 17, 2017

A great curry that you can use our Malaysian curry powder in. A little work will reward you with an amazing recipe that you will keep coming back to.

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Whole roasted cauliflower with turmeric & ginger butter

by Ben Ford October 05, 2017

Use our Turmeric & Ginger infusion with this recipe to create a stunning Sunday lunch centre piece that just so happens to taste amazing as well!

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A hearty chicken, chilli soup

by Ben Ford October 04, 2017

Another spicy soup recipe to add to your autumn / winter repertoire. This is probably my favourite, meaty soup as I usually prefer vegetarian soups.

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