Therapeutic Turmeric - 10 Amazing Health Facts!

Therapeutic Turmeric - 10 Amazing Health Facts!

Known as the golden spice of India, where 90% of the World production occurs, Turmeric is a remarkable spice and one of the more easily recognised with its peppery aroma and distinctive golden colour. To celebrate one of our key ingredients I thought I would share some amazing facts about turmeric.

It would be easy to cheat at this stage and just show you the following health benefits of the golden root, just look at these - 

Turmeric is known to....

  1. Relieve arthritis
  2. Help prevent cancer
  3. Can help control diabetes
  4. Lower cholesterol
  5. Boost immune system
  6. Heals wounds
  7. Helps weight balance
  8. Prevents Alzheimer’s
  9. Improves digestion
  10. Prevents liver disease

That is 10 pretty amazing facts already but as these all relate to health here are some more. 

History - The Indus Valley Civilization are thought to be the first people to farm turmeric some 3000BC. The Indus Valley area is located around the northern Indian border state of Punjab and crosses into Pakistan, notably to Harappa. 

Looks - pretty similar to ginger (part of the family). 

Japanese -  around Okinawa they like to drink it in tea. 

Names - Turmeric is also known as Curcuma longa or curcumin.

Curry - It forms the base of most foundations and helps colour the sauce

Wedding Invite - In India turmeric paste is applied over the bride and grooms bodies, mainly to the face and arms. The turmeric-based paste is believed to enrich skin complexion.

Religion - It is used in many social and holy rituals to make kumkuma, a red cosmetic powder usually applied to the forehead. 

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