Ben's Big August News

Ben's Big August News

Hello to my favourite people!

Some Parva Spices news for you, I think it's been a little while. You may have noticed that this year has been rudely interrupted by, but not limited to;

  • Australia burnt to the ground, millions of animals lost as well as land
  • WW3 narrowly avoided as Trump scorches an Iranian general
  • Britain left the EU. Sort of. 
  • Kobe Bryant and his daughter died in a helicopter crash
  • A Chinese Ozzy Osborne fan ate a bat and started a global pandemic
  • Grandparents learnt how to share memes.... please don't. 
  • A plane crash in Tehran killed 176 people
  • Meghan & Harry renounced their royalty
  • Trump was impeached but got away with it
  • Harvey Weinstein was finally convicted after years and years of allegations
  • Kim Jong Un died and then came back to life
  • Stock Market crashed, again
  • 'Murder Hornets' arrived in the US
  • Liverpool FC ended a 30 year wait to be crowned Champions of England.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on Child Sex Trafficking charges
  • But that was ok because Trump wished her well....
  • Black Lives Matter. See Ahmaud Arbery, Breona Taylor & George Floyd
  • Belarus held elections but didn't really need to. 
  • Students in impoverished areas of the UK don't qualify for exam results. 

Whilst all of this was going on the Worlds media could be forgiven for missing some interesting news emanating out of Tintern, Monmouthshire. Yes, during lock-down I managed to come up with 4 new products for you lovely people however my press release was clearly lost on newsroom floors across the world. Shame. 

So what have we got for you? Well, lets start with my favourite...

Bengal Chutney

This little pot of scrumptious is Bengal Chutney. A fiery little affair made with fresh apples, sultanas and the odd chilli or two. The perfect accompaniment to a cheese board or as a side for a curry. 

Next up, and I hope you like this as much as I do, defintely my favourite new product of them all - a premium Cajun Seasoning. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, just create an honest, authentic seasoning that works well with salmon, chicken, prawns, beef, veg, even tofu! Ok, maybe not tofu.  Here she is...

Premium Cajun Seasoning

And in third place... not really, this is probably my favourite new product out of all four. If you really pushed me. Definitely not the middle child.

Yes! Recreate your favourite high street chicken dispensaries dishes with our fiery (but tasty) Piri Piri Seasoning!

   Piri Piri Spice blend


And finally, drum roll please, as this is my absolute favourite, lets ramp up the anticipation. You can even read this in a boxing announcers voice if you like. Our final, new product, hailing all the way from the Caribbean, debuting right here in Monmouthshire, ittttttttsssssssss...... Jerk Seasoning!

Jerk spice blend

Now, I genuinely did do a little reinvention with our Jerk seasoning. Whilst I love the flavour of Jerk an authentic recipe goes a little too overboard with the chilli for most family tastes. Hence, the chilli content in our blend has been balanced for flavour. You may like to add a little chilli powder for a truly authentic Jerk but if you want a family friendly seasoning we've got you covered. 

I have some exciting news on the horizon for denizens of Tintern Parva, all 165 of you, so tune in next time for Ben's Big News. 

Stay safe, stay spicy and this year - stay-cation! 


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