Himalayan Pink Salt

August 22, 2016

Himalayan Pink Salt

Salt is an ever-popular flavour enhancer, but it often gets a bad press.  Whilst it’s true that the cheap table salt which frequents our kitchen cupboards is not so great, Himalayan Rock Salt is a whole other story, with an abundance of beneficial qualities.

Where Himalayan Salt is loaded with essential minerals, table salt has been refined to within in an inch of its life, removing all the good stuff in the process and leaving a very concentrated product.  Filled with additives and a high sodium chloride content (about 99%) it’s very easy to consume more table salt than the recommended daily allowance.  Himalayan Salt on the other hand has a lower sodium chloride content and much greater number of minerals which contribute to the healthy functioning of our bodies.


So where does Himalayan Salt come from?

It may seem like a silly question, with the name being a bit of a giveaway, but you might be wondering where Himalayan Salt actually comes from?  Himalayan Salt originates in the Khewra Salt Mine in the Punjab region of Pakistan, located about 190 km from the Himalayas.  The Khewra Salt Mine is the oldest and second largest salt mine on the planet and is thought to have been formed as a result of the movement of tectonic plates, possibly as far back as 800 million years ago. It was discovered in 320 BC and trading began in the 16th Century. In the late nineteenth century a tunnel was created to afford better access to the salt deposits, and the mine currently produces about 350,000 tons of Himalayan Salt per year for commercial sale.


The health benefits of Himalayan Salt

Our bodies need salt to function properly and Himalayan Salt is reported to have as many as 84 essential minerals which contribute to our bodily functions.  Due to the lower sodium content, it’s also much better for you than other forms of salt and it’s more easily absorbed into our cells.  Himalayan Salt is also the purest form of salt you can get so it’s not contaminated with any nasty, man-made additives.  If you include a controlled amount of Himalayan Salt in your diet, your health could benefit in many ways:

  • Lowering blood pressure – this can contribute to a healthy heart, kidney function and vision.
  • Contributing to a healthy PH balance – your PH level should be slightly on the alkaline side of neutral. An overly acidic PH level has been linked to fatigue, muscle cramps and even cancer and diabetes.
  • Increased hydration – when our bodies are dehydrated we can suffer from headaches, confusion, lethargy and dry skin.
  • Supporting healthy respiratory function – This provides our body with a constant supply of oxygen which is vital for keeping us alive.


It tastes great!

Many people have already converted to Himalayan Salt in their cooking, for its lower sodium levels and superior taste.  This is likely due to the purity of Himalayan salt and lack of additives which can impair flavour.  It’s far easier to have too much table salt with your food, which is another reason Himalayan Salt is a better choice for your cooking.  It also has a lovely crunchy texture, adding another dimension to your food, which you won’t get from the tiny, over-processed grains of table salt.


Beauty Benefits

When used as a bath soak, Himalayan Salt allows many essential minerals to be absorbed directly into the skin.  The magnesium eases muscle soreness and can even help repair damaged tissue.  When used in this way it will also draw toxins out of your body through your skin which can aid in weight loss and increased energy levels.  The hydrating effects of Himalayan Salt will also increase moisture levels in your skin which contributes to anti-aging.


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