Cajun Chicken Burgers

Cajun Chicken Burgers

These are awesome burgers that can be prepared in the kitchen or out on the barbecue. 


4 skinless chicken breasts
2-3 tbsp Parva Spices premium Cajun seasoning
2-3 tbsp olive oil
4 rashers smoked bacon
2 avocados
4 burger rolls, halved (ciabatta works well due to their shape)
4 thin slices smoked cheddar
Small bunch peppery rocket
mayonnaise, to serve (optional)


Place the Cajun seasoning in a large dish and set aside. Take the chicken breasts and wrap individually in cling film before flattening them out a little with a meat mallet. Remove from the cling film and brush well with half the olive oil before tossing each breast well in the Cajun seasoning, giving each a good even coat – use more seasoning if necessary.

Heat the remaining oil in your largest frying pan and cook the chicken for 5 minutes per side until firm. In a separate pan cook the bacon to your liking.

Whilst the chicken and bacon are cooking prepare the avocado. Cut in half, remove the stone and using a dessert spoon scoop the whole avocado out of its skin before slicing into even wedges.

Halve the ciabattas / burger buns and place the top piece under a pre-heated grill and melt the cheese onto it. If using the mayonnaise spread over the bottom halves.

Carefully slice the chicken breasts and assemble one piece of chicken followed by a piece of avocado, spread the rocket leaves on top and then finally add the ciabatta tops with melted cheese. Press down slightly on each burger and serve.

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