Jacket Potato with Thai Prawn Cocktail Filling

Jacket Potato with Thai Prawn Cocktail Filling

This is super tasty comfort food! I recommend using Sambal Ulek for this but for those with a lower heat tolerance our Signature Sambal works just as well. Enjoy!


1 Good size baking potato
1 tsp sea salt 
75g cold water prawns - cooked
1 heaped tablespoon mayo 
3 - 4 tsps of sambal - to taste 
Few lettuce leaves & pea-shoots, chopped finely 
knob of butter

Jacket potato with prawns


Turn your oven up to 220c / 200c fan. Wash the potato and then roll in the salt to cover the skin. Place in the oven and bake for 25 minutes. Lower the heat to 180c / 170 fan and cook for a further hour. 

Whilst the potato is baking you can get the filling together. Chop the salad leaves if you haven't already. Mix the sambal, mayo and prawns together and pop in the fridge until ready.  

To assemble the jacket use a sharp knife to cut a plus sign into the potato (+) and squeeze it open. Drop the butter into the middle. Add a layer of salad before topping with the prawns. Simples! 

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