15 ways to use Shadow Tribe Hot Chilli Sauce

August 01, 2017

15 ways to use Shadow Tribe Hot Chilli Sauce

People that have been tasting our hot chilli sauce Shadow Tribe have been loving it and we are over the moon with the feedback the sauce has been getting. The Instagram chilli sauce reviewer @verychipotlewow had this to say - 

"The saporific #ShadowTribeHotSauce  truly is a nectar of the gods! It has a hefty garlic content, its tangy and its sweet, however unlike the previous #SweetChilli its sweetness is very inoffensive. It has a beautiful rusty gold colour and gives off a medium heat that would be more than palatable with almost any meal".

Shadow Tribe Hot chilli sauce in dipping bowl


We'll take 'nectar of the gods'! The reason it has an inoffensive sweetness is due to the roasting process which gently sweetens the skins of the chilli peppers as they caramelise before we process them further. 

Occasionally I encounter people who can't think of a use for the sauce so I'd like to share quickly the ways in which we splash it about at Parva HQ. 

To begin with here are some of the ways that we use Shadow Tribe Hot Chilli Sauce - 

  1. add a dash to scrabbled eggs, serve on toast (also nice drizzled on poached eggs)
  2. mix with mayo and tuna for sandwiches, wraps or jacket potato toppings
  3. splash into spaghetti bolognese 
  4. drizzle over pizzas
  5. marinate chicken wings for the bbq or grill 
  6. spread on burger buns
  7. dollop in a dipping dish and snack with corn chips
  8. replace your ketchup
  9. add to pork & black bean taco sauce 
  10. give a lift to your chilli con carne 
  11. perk up a soup - particularly good in carrot & coriander
  12. splash a little into shepherds pie for a modern take on an old classic
  13. we liven up our cheese on toast with a dash or two 
  14. mix a drop or two into your salad vinaigrette
  15. Banish a hangover with a Shadow Tribe Bloody Mary  

We would love to hear how you use Shadow Tribe - drop us a message in the comment section below and we will update the list. 

shadow tribe hot chilli sauce

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