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Here in the UK the term 'curry powder' has come to represent a rather generic powder sold in supermarkets with little thought as to the locality of the particular dish that it is being poured into. Curry powders and spice blends are much more complicated than that. When you step back and realise how migration has led to 'curry' being eaten around the globe it only comes to pass that the indigenous population will have added or subtracted spices to suit their own tastes. 

These curry powders are as true and authentic to their namesake as I can possibly make them. They have multiple uses, not just for chicken curry! Caribbean curry powder can be used on goat as well as mango for example.  

There are recipes on the blog in order to guide you with these wonderful curry powders but I do encourage you to experiment for yourselves, greatness can be achieved far easier than you might think. Accidents will happen, I have some quite inedible dishes consigned to memory so as not to repeat, but there is such joy in getting it right. I hope you enjoy these powders as much as I do.