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About us

I was introduced to Asian cooking at a relatively early age, when I was about 4 or 5, through friends of my family. I was lucky enough to grow up in Shropshire but through my mothers work I met and had friends from Taiwan, India, Thailand and Pakistan. Peoples whose generosity is often an invitation to stay for dinner. It’s easy to see where my addiction for all things exotically fragrant and spiced came from.

My adventurous palate has led me all over the world both gastronomically and physically. I have been fortunate enough to travel throughout Asia experiencing first-hand the wonderful and varied cuisine of the region.  

Over a number of years of cooking from thousands of recipes I began to realise that each region, often country, and sometimes even a precinct or solitary city, would have a very distinct foundation at the heart of a dish. After cross referencing hundreds of books and texts and consulting with my taste buds I am pleased to offer a range of these foundations, powders, blends whatever you like to call them, to help define and enhance your cooking at home.

As I’ve grown older I have come to rely less and less on the texts of recipe books and instead to trust my instincts and be a little more adventurous when cooking. Sometimes the results are splendid, sometimes surprising, other times not to be repeated. What I would say however is that when you get it right there is nothing quite so satisfying, just be sure to commit the method to memory. I hope that with the blends I have prepared you can discover your own style in the kitchen and have as much fun and adventure as I do.