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Heat Guide

My gourmet curry powders and spice blends are not simply about the heat they are about exciting flavour combinations using authentic and traditional recipes from around the world. A curry powder or spice blend should not be judged on heat alone. However, I recognise that to some customers with delicate palates it is very important, just as to those who like their fahl's and vindaloos. To that end I have categorised all of the powders into a traffic light system where green is little or no heat and red is hot. 

We do not currently sell anything that is vindaloo or fahl hot. Our curry powders are an expression of flavours to be savoured and enjoyed. 

GREEN - Little or no heat 

Garam Masala 
La Kama 
Panch Phoran 
Ras el Hanout
Caribbean Curry Powder 

AMBER - Low to Mild heat 

Cape Curry Powder
Heritage Curry Powder
Ceylon Curry Powder
Malaysian Curry Powder
Japanese Curry Powder 

RED -  Hot 

East African Curry Powder
Jaffna Curry Powder
Malawi Curry Powder