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A Trio of Tasty Tongue Ticklers - Sambal Gift Box

A Trio of Tasty Tongue Ticklers - Sambal Gift Box

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A perfectly cute, tasty gift box of our trio of tongue tingling chilli sambals.

We've boxed up our Signature Sambal, Sambal Hijau and Sambal Ulek into this handy gift box and carry pack to take the stress out of gift giving or simply treating yourself. If you are familiar with our sambals they will need no introduction, if you are new to these incredibly aromatic jars of flavoursome heat here is a quick reminder of each - 

 - Sambal Hijau  a blend of green chillies, mint and coriander that cuts a clean, fresh and distinct flavour on the palate. Just because it doesn't look so fierce it still has a cheeky little heat to it! Great Taste 2018 winner. 

- Signature Sambal  An intensely aromatic hot sambal that bursts of South East Asian flavour,  evoking the taste of Thailand in particular. Based on the hotter big brother Sambal Ulek our signature sambal is not as fierce heat wise. Packed with ginger, garlic and lemongrass, plus the odd chilli or two. Great Taste 2018 winner. 

- Sambal Ulek  Flavoursome to the extreme but a latent, creeping heat will tickle your tongue and remind you that Ulek is the dragon of the bunch. An authentic recipe from Indonesia the Asian flavour still manages to peep over the wall of heat but where as the other two are a tap on the cheek  Ulek is more of a slap in the face. Great Taste 2019 winner 

The box of 3 provides a small discount over purchasing individually and makes a great gift for yourself as much as anybody else. Go on, treat yourself! 

Gluten Free, Vegan 

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