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Char Masala

Char Masala

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This spice mix originates from Afghanistan and is far simpler to neighbouring India's equivalent Chaat Masala, do not confuse the two! This pungent blend of just four spices is specifically used to flavour rice dishes. 

Qabli Pulao is often considered as the 'national dish' of Afghanistan and the heavily spiced rice dish relies on Char Masala for much of it's flavour. Whilst it is usually served with mutton or lamb you can make the dish as a vegetarian side as well. Another wonderful dish is Zamarud Pilau or rice with spinach. 

Ingredients: Cinnamon, cloves, cumin, green cardamom seeds

Allergen Advice: All of our spice blends are prepared in an environment where we use Mustard, Nuts, Sesame and Celery

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