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Jerk Spice Blend - Premium Seasoning

Jerk Spice Blend - Premium Seasoning

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Based on Jamaican Jerk seasoning this specially crafted blend highlights the wonderful island flavours but turns the traditional jerk heat down considerably, making it both family friendly whilst being incredibly flavoursome!

If you want a traditional experience you can add a teaspoon or two of chilli powder to heat this up. If you love the flavour of jerk but not the searing heat then you need do nothing. 

This delicious blend can be used as a dry rub on meat or vegetables. Blend with a little olive oil and a dash of lemon or lime juice to create a fragrant, taste bud pleasing marinade. I've enjoyed it on fish, in stews and casseroles as well as the basis for the famous jerk chicken. 

80g Tin

Ingredients: allspice, paprika, thyme, salt, brown sugar, black pepper, chilli, ginger, nutmeg

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