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Shadow Tribe - Hot Chilli Sauce

We are not in the market to produce the hottest sauce known to man, something so full of capsaicin it would be more useful as a pepper spray. If that is what you are after you will need to look elsewhere. Whilst our hot sauce certainly packs a punch when taken neat it is also packed with flavour. 

We roast Scotch Bonnets and Serenade chillies together with some garlic before infusing into organic cyder vinegar and a special spice recipe. The roasting process helps draw out the natural chilli flavours as well as caramelising the skins to give a touch of  natural sweetness, but not in a sweet chilli sauce way, far more subtle than that. The result is pretty awesome. Yeah, we really think so. 

If you want a hot sauce to pep up just about any dish or meal we have produced this awesome little bottle of roasted red pepper heaven. Based on a traditional Indonesian recipe from the lowlands of Lombok where the indigenous Sasak population grow their crops in the fertile soils beneath Mount Rinjani. This fiery sauce pays homage to a tribe that live in the shadow of an active volcano. 

Click here to read about some of the ways we use our Shadow Tribe. 

The tamper sleeves on our bottles are made from the sap of trees (harvested from sustainable forests) and are 100% bio-degradable. They will break down in soil after 6 weeks. No plastic here. 

Gluten free, suitable for vegans

Ingredients:cider vinegar, red chillies, brown sugar, sea salt, garlic, mustard powder, spices  


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