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Turmeric and Ginger Infusion

Turmeric and Ginger Infusion

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The health benefits of turmeric have been long known and used in both Chinese medicine and the holistic Indian healing tradition known as Ayurveda, but it is seeing something of a resurgence in western cultures as it is being served in cafes added to lattes. Turmeric with milk has been administered throughout millennia, primarily as an anti-inflammatory but it is known to have many alternative health benefits. 

This special blend has been formulated with further health giving spices as shown below. I recommend making the latte with a small teaspoon of local honey as the taste of turmeric can be a touch bitter otherwise. The addition of a local honey will help allergy sufferers too - local pollen is a wonderful thing!

Turmeric is known to....relieve arthritis, help prevent cancer, can help control diabetes, lower cholesterol, boost immune system, heal wounds, helps weight balance, prevents Alzheimer’s, improves digestion and can help prevent liver disease. 

Ginger is traditionally used to treat nausea and morning sickness but also has been known to give muscle pain relief as well as boost the immune system.

Cardamom is held in high regard by the Chinese as both an antioxidant and anti inflammatory

Chilli also has anti inflammatory properties but is also good for weight balance as it stimulates the metabolism 

Cinnamon helps balance blood sugar levels

Black peppercorns aid the absorption of turmeric 

If you intend to use the mix to make golden milk / turmeric lattes you will get approximately 55 servings out of the tin.Follow our simple Golden Milk recipe by clicking here.  

If you are vegan you can use soy, almond or coconut milk in place of dairy milk and substitute maple syrup or agave nectar for the honey. 

Please note that this special blend can be used for any purpose you wish, not just for lattes. See the reviews below for some alternative uses from happy customers. A few uses not mentioned below are -

  • as a marinade for whole baked cauliflower
  • Potato, pea and bacon fritters
  • added to bread
  • T&G cookies
  • sprinkled over roast potatoes 
  • as a very mild curry powder 
  • stirred through porridge
  • add to soups and stews
  • make a gravy, perfect for roast pork in particular 
  • and possibly my favourite - a pinch in a G&T!  

Below: Whole roasted cauliflower with turmeric and ginger butter. Find the recipe here

whole baked cauliflower with turmeric and ginger butter 

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