Whole Dried Ancho Chillies

Mexican dried poblano chillies that are incredibly mild but full of great flavour. These are used extensively in the cuisines of central and South American countries to add deep flavour to dishes. 

The predominant flavours from Ancho chillies are a hint of plum and raisin, similar to sweet paprika. 

Our 50g bags contain between 3 and 5 chillies depending upon their individual size.  

How to rehydrate:
1. Dry roast in a frying pan for about 45 seconds on either side.
2. Soak in boiling water for at least 30 minutes but up to an hour is best.

Ingredients: Ancho chillies
Weight: 50g
Country of origin: Mexico
Allergen advice: Please note that this item may contain traces of nuts, mustard and sesame

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